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    1. Hello, welcome to visit the official website of jiujiang xingda can machinery co., LTD.



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      Jiujiang xingda can machinery co., LTD

      Address: no.342 industrial park, qianjin road, jiujiang city, jiangxi province

      Official net: www.jinmaohuotui.com

      Telephone: 159-0792-0939

      The true: 0792-8271072

      Mail editor: 332007


      Your current location: Home>>Company profile>>video

      18 l square pot line
      20l semi-automatic flower basket barrel thread

      Zdif-4 automatic small circle
      Automatic production line of flower basket and barrel

      Q4A9 can sealing machine
      Zd-28 square tank automatic sealing

      Automatic round machine + after feed welding machine
      Xingda zd-88 eight-roller automatic lid closing machine

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