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      Use of chemical drum equipment and matters needing attention in use and installation

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      Use of chemical drum equipment and matters needing attention in use and installation

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      Chemical drum equipment in the industry is more common, and has been widely used, in the end, which aspects of the application of it, there is no use of the installation of attention, the following to introduce the use of chemical drum equipment and its use of the installation of attention.

      The materials of chemical bucket equipment are mostly made of polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester and other plastics such as blow molding, injection molding, blister molding and roll molding, which are mostly used to hold liquid and solid articles in chemical industry, pesticide, medicine, food, hardware, electronics, electromechanical industry and other industries. Chemical bucket equipment in use and installation should be careful, do not allow strong stamping, do not allow hammer percussion guide rail, otherwise it will cause chemical bucket feeding manipulator internal or surface damage, affect its degree. Check the lubrication of moving parts of chemical drum equipment every day, especially the diameter changing slide, guide rod and diameter changing screw, must be lubricated every day to prevent corrosion. Chemical drum equipment is widely used in washing, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive and other industries packaging.

      About chemical drum equipment related knowledge points to introduce to you here first, hope to be able to bring help to you, there will be more chemical drum equipment related knowledge points are sorting for you, please look forward to.





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